Our Advantages

Skylive has provided architectural design services since its foundation, specializing in medical and welfare facilities.

“Why do you specialize in medical and welfare facilities?” This is a question we frequently encounter from individuals we meet for the first time.
Our response consistently underscores that medical and welfare facilities have a different target audience compared to general buildings.
Additionally, the complex nature of the laws, regulations, institutions, systems, subsidies, and applications involved, and the many different parties involved in the process, necessitate expertise.
Architectural design firms primarily focused on condominiums and commercial buildings often lack the capacity to effectively manage these multifaceted aspects.

In many cases, individuals utilizing medical and welfare facilities vary greatly in terms of health, age, and physical and mental conditions. Also, the purpose of use varies depending on the type of facility, such as treatment, care, residence, and developmental support, so it is necessary to design a facility that meets specific purposes. On the other hand, for those involved in facility operation and management, it is necessary to understand the complicated and difficult-to-understand national laws and regulations, subsidy systems, application processes, and installation standards. Our consultants provide comprehensive support, ensuring attention to every detail. In most cases, medical and welfare facilities are operated for a long period of time, so it is important not only to build the facility, but also to maintain and manage it effectively.

At Skylive,
we extend our services beyond architectural design to offer essential services tailored to the needs of medical and welfare facilities.



Architectural design specializing in medical and welfare facilities

Our business activities revolve around planning and designing welfare facilities, with expertise in “nursing care,” “childcare,” and “medical care.” We offer comprehensive support for the establishment of such facilities, ranging from land acquisition assistance to analysis of income and expenditure plans.


Consulting on land use

We provide a full range of services for land use, from planning, design, and construction supervision to tenant introduction. We propose the best business plan from retail, welfare, and rental condominiums according to the location and shape of the land.


Large-scale repairs and regulatory inspections of medical and welfare facilities

Large-scale condominium repair work is conducted while residents continue to inhabit the building. The construction environment varies from one condominium to another, depending on factors such as the presence of elderly individuals or children moving in and out during morning and evening hours. We take pride in our ability to perform safe and secure large-scale repair work, always prioritizing the well-being of residents.


For consultation on land search and building design.
Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding our services and designs.