Consulting on Land Use

Would you like to consider utilizing land that is difficult to use for commercial purposes, for medical and welfare facilities?

In addition to offering architectural design services, Skylive possesses expertise in optimizing land utilization.
We strategize inheritance preparation, maximize profitability, and implement land preservation tactics.
Our integrated support spans effective land use to architectural design. This sets Skylive apart from conventional architectural design firms as we plan and design from the client’s perspective.


Leveraging our expertise in designing medical and welfare facilities, Skylive also assists landowners in planning the most effective use of land from their perspective.

We will conduct research and propose the type of medical and welfare facilities that are suitable for the site

Since the types of facilities that are suitable for the site vary depending on the location and area size, we will conduct a survey of local requirements and government regulations, to propose how the site can be utilized.

We will plan and design each project to achieve a reasonable construction price

Typically, as building size increases, the design and construction bidding processes are separated to approach a more reasonable construction price. Skylive will consider the overall specifications and grade according to the customer’s requirements. By preparing the necessary drawings for making quotations, and by going through competitive bidding and making appropriate comparisons, the construction cost will be reasonably lowered. Since unreasonable price reductions can lead to corner cutting, we provide our clients with ideas to reduce construction costs while maintaining quality.

Speedy response

At Skylive, we are committed to promptly addressing our clients’ requests. For example, if you have a public bidding with a tight deadline that seems impossible to meet, we endeavor to accommodate your needs to the best of our ability. We will swiftly prepare basic drawings, process charts, and financial plans from our design team. This underscores another advantage of Skylive, specializing in medical and welfare facilities.

We can also offer an income and expenditure plan

When it comes to land utilization, it is crucial to establish an income and expenditure plan. We can assist you in evaluating whether land leasing or building leasing is more profitable through an income and expenditure plan.

We help you find and select tenants

At Skylive, we can help you find tenants in addition to designing the building. We will help you find tenants so that you can make a concrete income/expenditure plan.

One-stop service from the planning stage to design, construction supervision, and maintenance

We manage everything from land utilization planning to building design and construction supervision. We ensure, on behalf of our clients, that the construction adheres to the drawings.

We also develop a large-scale repair plan after the building is completed

After construction is completed, we formulate a large-scale repair plan to schedule and oversee necessary maintenance over the next 20 years.


For consultation on land search and building design.
Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding our services and designs.