Construction & DesignArchitectural design specializing in medical and welfare facilities

Our expertise can provide a suggestion our clients require

Skylive is able to make the proposals that our clients want because of our expertise gained from our extensive experience with a large number of medical and welfare facilities.

  • We want to create a floor plan that is comfortable for users and staff, rather than focusing on design.
  • We want to emphasize a home-like atmosphere so that users can enjoy a calm and relaxing stay.
  • We don’t know how to make documents for subsidy applications or public bidding.
  • The area of the site requires agricultural land conversion or development application, but we don’t know how to proceed.
  • We want to build a space-saving building because the land is small.
  • We want to reduce blind spots to prevent accidents.
  • We want to build a facility based on the concept of interaction with the local community.

We will offer a customized facility and opening support to match the client’s preferences, leveraging our extensive experience in facility design.


Skylive has designed a diverse range of medical and welfare facilities from its inception to the present.
Collaborating closely with our clients, we have created facilities that address a multitude of requirements, encompassing user and staff considerations, flow lines, atmosphere, usability, safety, spatial optimization, and effective layout.

We help you see your wishes take shape

The type of facility, its philosophy, and the regional characteristics influence the desired shape of the facility for our customers.
At Skylive, we carefully listen to our clients’ needs and preferences, designing facilities that address their specific requirements and concerns. By integrating the client’s vision and operational philosophy with Skylive’s design expertise and innovative ideas, we strive to develop an enhanced facility plan.

We focus on speed

At Skylive, we create basic plans according to our clients’ requests and our experience. Since we specialize in medical and welfare facilities, we are able to make basic plans promptly by making the best use of our past experience. We can respond promptly even if you have a public bidding with a tight deadline that seems impossible to meet.

Designing for limited land area,
construction period, and budget

In general, there are many situations where construction projects are limited by land area, construction period, budget, and other factors.
At Skylive, we seek solutions from the planning stage to meet these limited conditions.


Case Study

Example 1: You want to build an 80-bed nursing facility on a certain site, but the site is too small → Review the layout (reduce corridors, remove unnecessary space, change the way rooms are arranged, etc.)

Example 2: You are planning a reconstruction, but want to proceed with the construction work at a reduced cost while keeping the current facilities in operation → Stop using temporary buildings, and divide the construction work into two phases. The cost of the temporary building and, in some cases, the cost of the luggage storage area can also be reduced.

Search by real estate information (land for sale, land for lease, building for rent)

Depending on your desired area, we will search for real estate information that matches your contract type (land for sale, land for lease, building for rent), budget, location, etc.

In addition to design, our planning prioritizes the perspectives of users and staff members

The flow lines and ease of use necessary for users and staff can differ based on the facility type. We shape our planning with the individuals who will use the facility in mind. Our process begins with a tour of your facility to gain insight into its operations.

We will assist you from the preliminary stages of architectural planning

You want to build a new facility, but you don’t know where to start!
We are here to provide consultation on such matters.
Specifically, we will assist you in gathering information on public biddings, subsidy programs, preparing public bidding documents, financial planning, procedures for agricultural land conversion, feasibility of construction in restricted areas, identifying financial institutions, and more. Our experienced consultants will expertly guide you through the process.

Consideration for large-scale repair plans and maintenance after construction is completed

Skylive’s commitment doesn’t conclude with the completion of the building. Given that most medical and welfare facilities operate over an extended period, we devise a large-scale repair plan and provide information on what kind of maintenance will be required over a long period of time. We also develop a financial plan and conduct a survey.
Moreover, during the design phase, we integrate building materials and construction methods known for their low maintenance requirements.


For consultation on land search and building design.
Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding our services and designs.